Update on proposed 4 WAY TRAFFIC LIGHT on HIGHWAY 1 at Terrace Avenue

For many of us, this past year has been one of turmoil as a result of issues that have come up within the city of Half Moon Bay. However there is a matter that affects ALL the Coastside and very few people are aware of its scope. I refer to the proposed new 4 WAY traffic light on Higway 1 at Terrace Avenue, just 1,200 feet from the signal on Highway 1 at North Main which will substantially increase Highway 1 traffic congestion.

A new frontage road on the west side of Highway 1 will be construted and will extend from Grand Avenue to Casa Del Mar. ALL the traffic from these areas, as well as the 150 homes in Terrace and Highland Park and the 63 new Pacific Ridge homes will be funneled through this new signal..
The North Main and the Terrace signal lights will be spaced so close together that they will increase congestion on the highway because of insufficient "stacking" space for vehicles. The Coastal Commission in reviewing the project has also raised this concern.

The Highway 1 project is being funded by Alianto Properties as a condition of a settlement agreement negotiated "behind closed doors" with the City for the privilege of developing Pacific Ridge.

The proposed signal will affect EVERYONE using Highway 1. Driving during peak hours on weekdays is already a nightmare with all the congestion and backup on the highway. An additional signal will not make it better.
Terrace and Highland Park residents are opposed to the signal and the use of Terrace as the permanent access to Pacific Ridge because of the negative impact these changes will have on Highway 1 traffic and on the living environment of our neighborhood.
Click HERE for the traffic study report which has required the City of HMB to complete a full EIR (Environmental Impact Report) (No longer available on HMB City website - presently searching for hard copy)
Click HERE for the cities request for information from UNSPECIFIED affected agencies. (No longer available on HMB City website - presently searching for hard copy)